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Fostering Friendships

Event Description

Successful friendships in early childhood contribute to a child’s long term quality of life. Participants who attend this workshop will explore a variety of strategies that will foster critical friendship skills in young children.

Sessions / Training Location Info

Please double check your email and phone number so that we can contact you, give you the sign in information, and send you handouts.
The call will begin 15 minutes prior to the workshop to give you time to try out the system.
Please be aware that this will be a two hour workshop, if you use your phone it will use data or phone minutes, and if you do not have an unlimited plan, you will be charged by the phone company.
You will get a webinar link a few days before the event, by email.

Session Being Hosted At:
Webinar - webinar webinar 45402 Montgomery (directions)


Natalie Reder

Event Information

Contact Hours 2.00
Training approved for OA-L1
Registration deadline May 18, 2020
Number of open seats 0
Event Owner PBS- WPTD
Sponsor Phone (937) 220-1670

Topic Areas

Target Audience Classroom Staff / Teacher,Staff working with children with special needs,Program Administrator,Family Child Care
Age Groups related to content Preschoolers
Core Knowledge Area N/A
Child Development Associate Area To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance
Early Learning and Development Standards Social-Emotional Development
Assessment Type None



Participants will be able to describe the developmental stages of peer interactions and relationships in young children.

Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Child Growth and Development
Subgroup: Developmental Process
Competency: 1.3 Identifies the developmental patterns, sequence and milestones that occur in each learning and development domain.

Participants will be able to identify strategies for supporting the development of young children’s friendship skills.

Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Child Growth and Development
Subgroup: Appropriate Environments and Experiences
Competency: 1.5 Identifies strategies that will support children's individual needs in all areas of development and learning, including those with developmental delays or disabilities.

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