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Essentials of Child Care

Event Description

Are you an administrator looking to inspire initiative in your new staff members? Are you a new early childhood educator trying to understand your role in the classroom and the lives of the children and families in your group?

The Essentials of Child Care session helps new and current staff gain a basic understanding of what it means to work in early education. Learn about nurturing relationships in safe and healthy environments. Understand the foundations of how and when children develop. Explore professionalism as you become an advocate in a child's life through forming relationships with the child, the child's parents and your co-workers. Knowing the importance of your role as an early education professional will equip you for success!

Sessions / Training Location Info

Session Being Hosted At:
Virtual Training - 1000 N. Keowee Street Dayton OH 45404 Montgomery (directions)


Caitlin Hackett

Event Information

Contact Hours 2.50
Training approved for OA-L1
Registration deadline May 06, 2020
Number of open seats 13
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Topic Areas

Target Audience Classroom Staff / Teacher,Staff working with children with special needs,Program Administrator,Family Child Care
Age Groups related to content Infants,Toddlers,Preschoolers,Schoolagers
Core Knowledge Area Child Growth and Development, Professional Development, Learning Environments and Experiences
Child Development Associate Area To maintain a commitment to professionalism
Early Learning and Development Standards N/A
Assessment Type None



Participants will be able to identify the importance of nurturing relationships and healthy, safe and nutritious environments.

Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Learning Environments and Experiences
Subgroup: Interactions and Relationships
Competency: 1.1 Assumes primary responsibility for specific children in the learning environment and engages in one-on-one, face-to-face, reciprocal interactions to form safe, nurturing relationships. Recognizes that his or her relationships with co-workers, families and others impact children.

Participants will be able to explain ways children change over time and the impact of relationships and the environment on a child's well-being.

Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Child Growth and Development
Subgroup: Developmental Process
Competency: 1.4 Describes children's developmental levels in relation to age-appropriate norms and how children develop at different rates and in different ways.

Participants will be able to identify their important impactful role as a professional in each child’s life and the ethical responsibilities that go along with being a positive member of the ECE profession.

Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Professionalism
Subgroup: Professionalism in Practice
Competency: 1.2 Views one's self as a professional and demonstrates professional work habits including confidentiality, respect for all people, dependability, personal appearance, time management, independence and teamwork. Communicates effectively using appropriate oral and written language skills.

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