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Prescriptions for Preventing Power Struggles

Event Description

In this training, participants will learn the definition of power struggles and the many practices that they can utilize to prevent power struggles.  They will examine their own backgrounds so that they can understand how their own thinking might make them more susceptible to being in a power struggle.  Participants will understand that power struggles are an attempt by a child to meet a need and that all behavior is a form of communication.   Participants are introduced to two methods for dealing with power struggles.  We also talk about the importance of forviging yourself when you make mistakes or if you happen to get pulled into a power struggle.

Sessions / Training Location Info

Session Being Hosted At:
Kingston Center - 3226 Kingston Ave. Grove City 43123 Franklin (directions)


Lynn Belhorn

Event Information

Contact Hours 2.50
Training approved for OA-L2
Registration deadline Aug 12, 2019
Number of open seats 17
Event Owner Lynn McCasland
Sponsor Phone (614) 769-3090

Topic Areas

Target Audience Classroom Staff / Teacher,Staff working with children with special needs,Program Administrator,Family Child Care,Parents/guardians
Age Groups related to content Infants,Toddlers,Preschoolers,Schoolagers,Young Adult,Families / Guardians,Foster / Surrogate Parents,Instructor / TA Specialists
Core Knowledge Area N/A
Child Development Associate Area To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance
Early Learning and Development Standards N/A
Assessment Type None



Participants will be able to create an environment that is conducive to reducing power struggles.

Core Knowledge Document: CKC Field Guide for Social and Emotional Development
Area: Child Growth and Development
Subgroup: Nurturing Relationships
Competency: 2.2 Provides support and guidance in consistent, non-threatening and positive ways that reinforce children's feelings of confidence and competence.

Participants will be able to reflect on how their own personal experiences may bias them toward engaging in power struggles and how to make adjustments using personal insight and calming techniques.

Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's CKC for ECMH Professionals
Area: Professional Development
Subgroup: Continuous and Reflective Professionalism
Competency: 3.9 Examines own values and biases in working with children, families, and ECE professionals and takes steps to inform and/or correct misconceptions.

Participants will be able to assess environments and behaviors occurring in the environment to determine whether or not the environment is conducive to power struggles.

Core Knowledge Document: CKC Field Guide for Social and Emotional Development
Area: Learning Environments and Experiences
Subgroup: Interactions and Relationships
Competency: 2.3 Seeks to identify causes of challenging behaviors and uses guidance approaches that promote positive behaviors, problem solving and self-control.

Training Organization

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