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From My Village To The World-honoring cultural diversity through partnership wit

Event Description

This training is previously SUTQ approved under the title of “From My Village to Our World-Honoring diversity through partnership with families.” Each of us grows up in our own village embraced by people whom we observe, imitate and interact with on daily basis. The village where each child grows up could be very different from one another’s—and from ours. Adding chopsticks or kimonos in our dramatic area or having posters that reflect our class’s ethnic make-up are great ways to make our learning environment reflect diversity. However, approaching something cultural that we do not see as “normal” or “appropriate” with a positive attitude takes more courage. Let us take a step forward to go beyond. We will learn to honor differences through our interactions and attitudes as we are in partnership with our families. We will celebrate the strength from each village in our journey to explore the beauty of our world.

Sessions / Training Location Info

Session Being Hosted At:
4C for Children - 2100 Sherman Avenue #300 Cincinnati Hamilton (directions)


Jung-Hwa Chin

Event Information

Contact Hours 3.00
Training approved for OA-L3
Registration deadline Apr 08, 2019
Number of open seats 19
Event Owner 4C Cincinnati
Sponsor Phone (513) 758-1301

Topic Areas

Target Audience Classroom Staff / Teacher,Staff working with children with special needs,Program Administrator,Family Child Care
Age Groups related to content Infants,Toddlers,Preschoolers
Core Knowledge Area N/A
Child Development Associate Area To establish positive and productive relationships with families
Early Learning and Development Standards Social-Emotional Development
Assessment Type Reflection
Small group activity
Individual activity


Objective: 1. Participants will explore the impact of cultural diversity in our teaching practice
Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Professionalism
Subgroup: Professionalism in Practice
Competency: 3.1 Routinely reflects and evaluates the experiences and interactions that are planned to ensure they help children reach their potential including their interaction with families regarding children's goals for learning and development.
Objective: 2. Participants will discover how children’s learning environment is intertwined with their own culture and that of each family in the class
Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Child Growth and Development
Subgroup: Appropriate Environments and Experiences
Competency: 3.1 Evaluates the responsive learning environment to ensure that it is meeting the needs and interests of children, it reflects the culture of the children and it is connected to the curriculum and standards.
Objective: 3. Participants will develop the process of learning to interact with families from taking g a culturally sensitive perspective
Core Knowledge Document: Ohio's Early Childhood Core Knowledge and Competencies *REVISED*
Area: Family and Community Relations
Subgroup: Valuing Families
Competency: 3.2 Ensures families are equal partners in the decision-making process and that the program values families in a non-judgmental way.

Training Organization

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